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The Benefits of an Electric Bike

Posted on September 21 2016

The general mindset, at least within Ireland, is that bicycles are for fitness only and electric bicycles are considered cheating. This only reigns true if you're competing against other cyclists, and let's be honest, most of us definitely are not.

Luckily the global attitude towards electric bicycles is changing, and people are starting to view them for what they really are and the needs that they fulfill. Electric bikes are no longer a fitness placebo, but a mode of transport with a host of benefits. E-bikes are now used throughout the globe by all ages to address each individuals specific needs.

Let's take a look at the core benefits of an e-bike and you can see where they could benefit your lifestyle.



Let's begin by tackling the age old dispute of "electric bicycles are cheating". If you only cycle purely to keep fit and have an exercise routine in place, then yes, absolutely, an electric bike will remove the resistance from your cycle as you will be putting in less effort. However, for anyone who cycles, be it for commuting or leisure, sometimes the thought of getting on the bike can be a daunting one, affected by the weather, energy levels, distance to cover etc etc. With an electric bicycle you can set the assist you'll get from the motor, this allows you to put more or less effort into pedaling. With journeys proving easier, studies have shown that electric bicycles encourage cyclists to get out more often than they otherwise would, thus you get more exercise in. Whilst you're not feeling the burn in your legs, you are still moving and getting a cardio vascular workout. You don't need to tire yourself to keep fit.



With electric bicycles becoming widely available and affordable, especially with the Cycle to Work Scheme, using an electric bike for commuting has become a much more viable and reliable method of travel over a car or public transport. An electric bike makes any commute a breeze, it's effortless, fast and most importantly you don't arrive sweaty and in desperate need of a shower and a change of clothes. Traffic is no longer a concern, travel times are fairly consistent and shorter, allowing you to accurately time your journey as well as gaining a few extra "five minutes more" moments.



The savings gained from switching to an electric bike are incredible. The average person using public transport pays roughly €80 per month. With an electric bike, the cost per charge is on average €0.20, with most people charging them 3 times weekly. This works out at around €2.40 per month.

If you are travelling by car and decide to make the switch, then your savings are through the roof as you don't have to pay for;

  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Petrol
  • NCT
  • Car Fresheners

For some, the cost of an electric bike appears high, however this can be easily offset with the Cycle to Work Scheme.

The counter argument for the savings is that you're going to spend a fortune replacing the battery when it goes, let's take a proper look at that; Lithium ion batteries last on average 3-5 years as standard, so long as you maintain them properly (check out our info on battery maintenance). With batteries costing around €400-€500, that works out at around €134 per year, which is still a long way away from the expense of public transport alone.


Carbon Footprint

Electric bicycles have a very low carbon footprint, there are no emissions from electric bicycles and if you decide to switch to an eco-friendly energy provider as well, your carbon footprint is virtually null and void.



No matter your lifestyle, there's a spot for an electric bike to fit in. We have students and professionals looking for the quick commute, the elderly looking to take the strain out of being active, and those recovering from injury trying to get back into the swing of things.


Now that you can see the benefits of an electric bike and where they can match your style, check out our full range of e-bikes to find your new mode of transport.


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