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Electric Bike Maintenance

Posted on July 13 2016

Over time everything will succumb to natural wear and tear.

Here at Easy Motion we want to help you prolong your E-Bike's lifespan and keep you in Motion.

The following are some simple tips for maintaining your electric bike to keep it ticking over;


Electric Bike Battery


The battery is one of the most important parts on your electric bike, maintaining it is paramount.

  • When you first purchase a new electric bike lithium ion battery you must charge it fully for the first 3 charges
  • When you are charging it remove the battery from the ebike, plug the charger into the battery then into the wall socket
  • When you are storing the battery, be it overnight or for an extended period of time, make sure it is not exposed to any extreme hot or cold temperatures or left in the rain
  • If your Ebike is unused for an extended period of time, it's extremely important that you keep it charged up. Every 2 weeks, plug in your battery to charge fully. If you don't do this you run the risk of the battery losing its capacity and you will need to replace it.

Electric Bikes

All electric bikes are fitted with many different parts that serve a crucial function to the workings of the bike, every couple of weeks it's important to check the ebike and make sure that it has no underlying problems.

Should your bike take a few knocks and dings, inspect these points for any damage. Here's a list of things to keep an eye out for;


  • Motor hub cap is secure
  • Battery pins (on the electric bike) are undamaged and clean
  • Control panel seal is tight and undamaged (for waterproofing)
  • Controller box housing is tightly secured (located underneath battery)
  • Motherboard Housing Box is sealed tight (for waterproofing | Located on the front of the bike - connecting multiple cables)
  • Battery lock is working correctly and does not allow the battery to rattle when locked in place


Apart from the electrics of an electric bike, everything else usually falls under natural wear and tear of any bike. It's important to keep your;


  • Chain and Gear teeth lubricated (NEVER use WD40!)
  • Gear cables tight
  • Brakes in check
  • Tyres pumped (Generally 40psi)
  • Nuts and bolts tightened
  • Tyre threads from wearing

Maybe consider giving your e-bike a wash once in a while ;-) it wouldn't hurt


For some people all this can be too time consuming or completely overwhelming to keep track of everything, if you live a busy schedule or simply don't want to concern yourself with such trivial things, let us do the dirty work for you!

Best practice is to service your electric bike every 3-4 months. We offer service for E-bikes from Monday to Thursday for €38 that'll keep your bike ticking over for the coming months until it's due another one. Full details here.

We offer the finest annual Wear & Tear subscription that will give you peace of mind and your electric bike all the TLC it could ever dream of!


Should you consider yourself more the 'Adventurous' type we have exactly what you and your electric bike need, the;

- Rocky Road Subscription

and of course the;

- Oops I Bounced It Off A Cliff Subscription


If you have any questions regarding our products or services or even a brand that isn't ours, please feel free to;

email us at info@easymotion.ie

We're here to help!


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