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Electric Bike Rentals

Short Term Rentals

Renting one of our electric bicycles is a great way to get a real feel for our products and how they suit your journey.

If you decide to purchase after your rental period you get the rental free of charge (up to 1 week's free rental).

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Rental charges are as follows:

FOCUS-III 1 Day €14.99 3 Days €39.99 7 Days €78.99 1 Month €245.99
SPARK-S 1 Day €14.99 3 Days €39.99 7 Days €78.99

1 Month €245.99

SLIPSTREAM 1 Day €14.99 3 Days €39.99 7 Days €78.99

1 Month €245.99

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Long Term Rentals

(coming soon)

If buying outright isn't your thing then we have a number of affordable long term rental options available to you.

Rental charges are as follows:

 1 Month €100
2-3 Months €80 / Month
4-6 Months €70 / Month
1 Year €50 / Month

Our long term rental ebikes come equipped with bluetooth locking and are registered to each individual user.

Electric Bike Locking

We register you to our system allowing you to download the app and operate the locking mechanism on your specific e-bike. Using your phone you're able to unlock the e-bike and cycle away, when you get to your destination simply close the lock to render it unusable.

Long Term Rental Servicing Options

 Coverage Price Per Month
Wear & Tear €10
Wear & Tear + Motor €15
Wear & Tear + Motor & Battery €20


Long Term Rental E-Bike Details

Speed: 25km/h
Range: 180km
Smartphone required for locking mechanism


Equipment Rental

Various pieces of equipment can be rented alongside your e-bike, we have the following available;

 Helmet €1 / Day
Pannier €1 / Day
Lock €1 / Day


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