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Who We Are

Our team here at Easy Motion has over ten years experience as electric vehicle specialists. Our in-store specialist mechanics provides a repair and maintenance service on all brands of electric bike or electric scooter. We are located in Park West, Dublin and provide our services across Ireland as well as abroad. We are your local shop with a global brand that you can rely on for the best quality electric bikes and superior after sales and repair services.

What We Do

At Easy Motion we strive to provide the highest quality electric bikes and scooters, based on performance as well as affordability. Going green has never been easier with our range of modern electric vehicles, from electric scooters to city, folding or long-range electric bikes.
We provide not only the means to get around cheaply and cleanly but also to keep you moving with our top quality after sales repair service. Not only do we offer this to our customers but on all other brands as well. At Easy Motion we feel it’s our duty to keep every electric bike powered up. We also provide a collection and delivery service both Nationwide and abroad.
Whether you're on holidays, need some physio or simply want to try before you buy, on your route, we host an electric bike rental service. Should you decide to buy after the rental period, we throw it in free!


Momentum Electric Bike - Lorraine O'Grady - Testimonial

" I’ve been using electric bikes for over 10 years now and have tried a number of different makes and models. The Easy Motion bike is easily the best I have had. It is super reliable, very comfortable and has a great battery range "

- Lorraine O’Grady






Impulse Electric Bike - Maggie Heaslip - Testimonial

" It handles my 30km daily commute with ease AND it folds easily which makes it a doddle to pop it into the boot or take it on the Dart. I've used it almost every day since I picked it up and I still makes the trip to work seem like fun rather than a chore. I'd recommend the Impulse II and Easy Motion to anyone "

- Maggie Heaslip

Momentum Electric Bikes - Patrick Monahan - Testimonial

" There is not as much incentive to me to go cycling on a normal bike as opposed to an e bike because I know that I can get to my destination and back without tiring out, that is extremely important to me. If you are travelling long distances you would be better getting the 13.6ah lithium ion battery for that extra range. I never use all the battery up even though I cycled 54 kilometers a few days ago in one cycle and had battery to spare. The Momentum is a brilliant e bike , the quality is second to none, the health benefits are huge and you'll never look back! "

- Patrick Monahan

"I've been a long term customer, from before they were Easy Motion, I use my bike every day for work and it's still going strong after all these years, cannot say enough good things about this company and their bikes"

- Val Stanciu

What's Right For You

Want to know more about electric bikes? Read our article on their Benefits.
Unsure whether you need an electric bike or an electric scooter?
Let us gear up, rack our brains and find a vehicle finely tuned to your needs.
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