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Cycle To Work Scheme

Posted on August 14 2020

At Easy Motion we try to provide the best value electric bikes around.

To make things even easier, you can save up to €757 off your electric bike with the Cycle to Work Scheme;

- NO tax

- NO prsi

- NO usc


- NO hassle


We can offer you any of our new electric bikes under the cycle to work scheme.

From 1st August 2020 New Rules Apply
  • 5 years has been reduced to 4 years, so all from 2016 is now eligible
  • Electric bikes up to €1,500
  • Up to €3,000 is now approved for cargo bikes (regular or electric) and safety equipment.

Giving you a tidy saving of up to 50.5%!!!

It's quick and painless to get started with us in-store.


Here’s how it works.

The Cycle To Work Scheme | Bike To Work Scheme can be availed of every 4 years per user and covers up to the value of €1500. If the total value of the electric bike and accessories exceeds this amount, you simply pay the difference with us in store. Once the 4 years have passed, the scheme can be availed of again. Up to €3,000 is approved for cargo bikes (regular or electric) and safety equipment.

Next we invoice your employer for the value of the e-bike and any accessories, you will then sign a salary sacrifice agreement whereby you pay back the agreed amount over the course of a maximum of 12 months. Now here's the fun part ;-) You won't be paying back the full amount...

Once we receive the final payment from your employer we will release the bike to you.


Here’s a sample breakdown of what you could save on a salary of €34,000

Total cost of bike and accessories


Tax saving over payment period (40%)


Employee PRSI saving over payment period (4%)



Employee USC saving over payment period (5.5%)


Final cost of bike & accessories


Total saving



Gross salary sacrifice, based on 12 month payment period


Net salary sacrifice, based on 12 month salary sacrifice agreement


Percentage saving over RRP



Health and Environment
If you cycle 9 kilometres to work and back 5 days a week, you will burn about

2628 calories a week
That's equivalent to about 6.57 hours in the gym. By not using the car, over the course of a year you are also saving about

199 kg of CO2

Join the revolution in sticking it to the tax man, sign up for the Cycle to Work | Bike to Work Scheme and claim yours today!

If you still have questions check out our cycle to work section of our FAQ or send us an email to info@easymotion.ie

Let's take a look at what we have available through the cycle to work scheme:


Electric Bike - Momentum II Electric Bike - Slipstream II Impulse Folding Electric Bike   



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