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Posted on September 12 2020

Whether from a first timer or a seasoned electric bike enthusiast, we've received a spate of similar questions regarding ebikes and all sorts in between. Hopefully we can help you find the answers your looking for with this FAQ, and if not we're happy to answer any and all questions. The questions will be broken into what we deem their most relevant category; Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Batteries, Services, Cycle to Work Scheme.

If your question is not answered in here, then please send it to us at info@easymotion.ie


Electric Bikes

  • Do they require a license to use?
    • No, pedal assisted bikes with a 250W motor do not require a license for use


  • What range do they have?
    • There are many factors affecting the range of an electric bike, the main factors being the amp of the battery, the motor type (learn more on motor types here) and the terrain on which they're used (hills, flats etc). With our electric bikes their max ranges vary from 50 up to 120 km per charge


  • Are they covered under the cycle to work scheme?
    • Yes, all our electric bikes are covered under the scheme and we can quickly get the ball rolling on this


  • Can they be adjusted to go faster?
    • No, our electric bikes are capped at an assisted speed of 25km/h for legal purposes. The electric bicycles themselves however, are not restricted to this speed cap, they can be pedaled faster if desired, it is simply the assist that is capped


  • How long do they take to charge?
    • On average 2-4 hours


Electric Scooters

  • Do they require a license to use?
    • This depends on their use, it is a grey area and we would advise to check with your local Garda station for an accurate answer


  • Can they tackle hills?
    • This depends on the scooter type, but on average they will handle a 15 degree hill no problem


  • Are they covered under the cycle to work scheme?
    • No, electric scooters do not require constant input from the user and thus do not qualify for the scheme


  • Can they be adjusted to go faster?
    • No, the motors are physically capped to maintain a max speed of 25km/h


  • How long do they take to charge?
    • On average 3-5 hours



  • What is their lifespan?
    • All of our electric bikes use lithium ion batteries, the average lifespan of a lithium ion battery is 3-5 years, if they're maintained properly (Learn more on battery maintenance here)


  • After the 3-5 years, can they be replaced, even with the changes in technology?
    • Yes, unless there has been a change for the better that your bike should comply with, however any changes in technology can usually be integrated into your older bike model


  • Do they come with a warranty?
    • Of course! All our new electric bicycles come with the following warranties:
      • Frame - 3 years
      • Battery - 2 years
      • Motor - 1 year


  • Is it possible to upgrade the battery to a better one later on?
    • If you're looking to upgrade the amp to get a greater range, yes. If you're looking to get a different style of battery to match your frame, that can prove more difficult and depends on what you're looking for



  • Does Easy Motion do repairs?
    • Absolutely! we repair all brands, not just for our own electric bicycles & scooters


  • Can I get a new battery for my *Insert Brand Name* bike?
    • It is highly unlikely that we can get a direct replacement for your "other brand" battery, as most are custom made and specific to that bike. However, we can use a conversion kit of ours to bypass your system and fit a new type of battery to the bike. Every bike is different and in some cases we can get an exact or similar battery replacement. If you're simply looking to get your bike working again, that's no problem for us


  • I live outside Dublin, how can I get my ebike serviced?
    • We can arrange collection & delivery with our dedicated logistics company or simply send it to us by your preferred logistics company.


  • How often should I get my electric bike serviced?
    • In order to keep your electric bicycle ticking over nicely, it's recommended to have it serviced every 3 or 4 months. We would recommend a mechanical service 3 times a year and an electrical and mechanical service once (service details here)


  • Can I rent a specific bike to try it before buying?
    • Yes, it's a great way to see if the bike works for you, and if you purchase after renting we offer you a discount.


 Cycle To Work Scheme

  • How does it work?
    • In short - the scheme could cover up to €1,500 of the cost, the rest you pay yourself. The balance payment over the €1,500 we take as a deposit and reserve the bike for you while we wait for your company to process the order through the scheme (For full details see here)


  • My company will take many weeks to process the payment, is this ok?
    • Yes, as long as you pay the balance we will keep the bike for you on reserve until your company is ready to make the payment


  • Can I pick up my bike before the cycle to work payment has been made?
    • We can accommodate this if you pay the €1,500 yourself, which we will refund once the scheme payment comes through


    • Can I just get an invoice without paying the balance over the €1,500?
      • Unfortunately not, we cannot process cycle to work scheme orders without a balance payment


    • How does the repaying of the €1,500 through my salary work?
      • Your company will arrange this and provide you with full details of the process, we do not control any financial aspect of the scheme


    • Have you received my Cycle to Work Scheme payment yet?
      • Our accounts check for payments on Wednesdays and Fridays, when we receive payment we will inform you. If you ask us to keep an eye out for a payment there will be a wait until our accounts department gets back to us



    • Why are you cheaper than other companies?
      • Because we know electric bikes and the Irish market, we provide good quality, affordable electric bikes. Whilst our bikes don't have cycling competition worthy parts they are all kitted out to suit the needs of the many, from daily commuters to leisure cyclists and from students to professionals


    - Don't just take our word for it, come try out our bikes and find out for yourself


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