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Bike Helmets | How to Wear Them

Posted on December 05 2016

Everyone's mother, at some stage, has stressed the importance of wearing a bike helmet, and whether you're a kid or an adult we've all had a reluctancy to wear one.

We all know why we should wear one, it has been drilled into us since day 1, whether you're on a motor bike, a push bike or an electric bike. What most people don't know is HOW to wear one. Whilst it seems straight forward, it's best to be sure to ensure your noggin is kept safe, it's your best asset after all.

Whether you're getting a new bike helmet and fitting it for the first or re-adjusting your old reliable one here's some best practice tips for fitting it correctly:

  • Loosen the straps completely and fit the bike helmet comfortably on your head
  • The helmet should sit low on your forehead and high on the back
  • slowly tighten the straps until the helmet is both snug and secure
  • The helmet should not be able to rock forwards, backwards or side to side

If you're a daily commuter your helmet will become loose over time and will need to be re-adjusted every so often, get into the habit of doing so at least every month.


Should you have the unfortunate experience of being in an accident, be it a small or big one, whereby your helmet has taken an impact, it is absolutely essential that you get it replaced. ALL bike helmets are a one time use and must be replaced after they've served their purpose. Bike helmets are designed to protect the wearer's head from injury caused by impact and will bear the brunt of the force. Should you fail to replace your helmet after an impact you can rely on the fact that it will most likely NOT protect you a second time. It is after all better to be safe than sorry.


Now that you know how to wear one, check out our full selection of head huggers here


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