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Repair Subscription Terms & Conditions

Posted on July 13 2016

Terms & Conditions
All subscriptions are subject to change without notice.

All new or renewing subscriptions are subject to an inspection by our mechanic to assess the current condition of the bike. All new or renewing subscriptions will only take effect once we are satisfied the bike is in full working order upon commencement of subscription.

Charges may be incurred to bring the bike to full working order before any new or renewing subscription can commence.

Every time an electric bicycle is brought in with subscription coverage, a minimum of 30 minutes labour will be used up to cover inspection of the electric bike to assess its condition.
All subscriptions cover the repair/replacement of parts only once or the stated amount per year, after which a charge will be incurred for any subsequent repairs/replacement needed.
Any unused services or part replacements do not carry forward into the next year.

Parts will only be replaced after a prior inspection by our mechanic and only if the replacement is deemed necessary.

Under the monthly payment option, there is a three day grace period after a subscription has expired for renewing subscriptions, if the payment is not made within this period the subscription will be marked as cancelled and rendered null and void, after which a new subscription must be activated and the bike brought in for inspection.
Under the monthly payment option, bikes must be brought in to us for inspection by our mechanic every 3 months. Should a bike not be brought in for inspection Easy Motion reserves the right to cancel a subscription at any time after the 3 month milestone.
Repair subscriptions do not cover parts that are stolen or missing.

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