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At Easy Motion we strive to provide the highest quality electric bikes and electric scooters, based on performance as well as affordability. We source different styled, purpose built electric bikes and our staff are trained to identify which will suit your need the best.
With our range of electric bikes you can choose from city, to folding or long range, each with their own unique benefit, whether you're looking for a cheap electric bike, one that addresses your space issue, a simple A to B with no strain or want to travel cross country and tackle those big hills.
We provide a host of services too to assist with new or current customers, from our specialist after sales electric bike repair and maintenance service, to our short term, long term or corporate leasing rental service.
Our ability to not only find you the electric bike or scooter that fits your lifestyle but also source the parts to fix your beloved older model is what sets us apart from the rest.
Here at Easy Motion we care about you and that which we do best.

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